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I just made this for lunch! It is so surprisingly delicious! It is wheat-free and lactose-free. You will need:
- 1 Avocado- 1 lime- Parsley- Basil- A few raw almonds- White pepper- Iodonized Salt- Spelt crackers
Enjoy life!
My breakfast: Quinoa!Cooked for 20 minutes in water. After cooking I added salt (with Iodine) and soy milk to make a cold porridge. Delicious! -

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Four random days of my dinner dishes!

1st: Grilled chicken and cooked broccoli, sellery, pumpkin and potatoes. Spices used: salt, black pepper, garlic (slices).

2nd: Baked (EVOO) Tempeh with cooked sellery, carrot and chicory. Spices used: salt, black pepper, oregano.

3rd: Baked (EVOO) kidney beans with cooked courgette and pumpkin. Spices used: salt, black pepper, parsley, thyme, basil, marjoram.

4th: Grilled salmon with baked spinach, cooked sugar beans and pumpkin. Spices used: salt, black pepper, garlic (slices).

My healthy snack box during work!